Circuit-Est offers a contemporary dance workshop adapted to the needs and limits of the elderly, 50 years and more, led by Sarah Dell’Ava.

The winter session will take place under the sign of exploration! Somatic awareness, technical research, improvisation games, interpretive exercises, creative processes, expressive movement, meditation in motion…

A series of diverse workshops to open – always and constantly – spaces for being, freedom and sharing, through the joy of movement.

Sarah Dell’Ava will lead 4 workshops during the session. Others will be guided by Kerwin Barrington, Maureen Shea, Matéo Chauchat, Nasim Lootij, Marine Morales Casaroli, Marie Mougeolle, Sovann Rochon Prom-Tep… surprises and delights guaranteed!


Thursdays, from January 23 to April 9, 2020
10 am – 12 pm
$190 /12 workshops — Espace Saint-André (Studio C)


This workshop is especially designed for people aged 50 and over, but is open to all. Possibility of a try out session on January 23 ($ 15 for the class), then registrations for the entire workshop.

Feel free to join the adventure!



  • The participants must register for the entire workshop.
  • Drop-in not accepted
  • $10 registration fees are included



  • The payment of $190 can be sent by check to Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique
  • It may also be made in cash or by check at our office (édifice Jean-Pierre-Perreault) between 9 am and 4 : 30 pm from Monday to Friday
  • You can make an Interac wire transfer to The answer to the security question must be : 50plus

Photo : Atelier 50 + © Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique