Daniel Léveillé

Amour, acide et noix

Four bodies given over to the dance, reveal what has taken refuge behind the strange, white skin : muscle, water, breath, energy, an outlook on life, so alive and aware of the other, in spite of, or maybe because of, a need to not be entirely alone. Amour, acide et noix speaks of solitude, but also and most specifically of the infinite tenderness of touch, the harshness of life and the desire for avoidance or escape from these bodies, often so heavy.

Amour, acide et noix presents nudity as the only true alternative to the reading of the body, frank and free of false modesty. Isn’t the skin the one true body costume?

Dates :
March 13 to 15, 2024
Agora de la Danse | Édifice Wilder

Credit : Lou Amsellem, Marco Arzenton, Marco Curci et Jimmy Gonzalez © Julie Artacho