August 24 and 25, 2018: RIGEL & BETELGEUSE at the Festival de théâtre de rue de Lachine (Montréal)

The intention of this piece is to bring together a constellation of choreographic phrasings from among the company’s repertoire.

Performed by a pair of dancers who have woven a powerful connection on stage together over the years, RIGEL & BETELGEUSE explores their relationship, the essence of their complicity, and what is beautiful about it. With this piece, Emmanuel Jouthe aims to celebrate life in an instance of inventiveness and joy.

RIGEL & BETELGEUSE is a short, 30-minute duet, to be performed out-of-doors. The occasion marks a new collaboration with composer Antoine Berthiaume.


Photo: Élise Bergeron et Philippe Poirier in RIGEL & BETELGEUSE © Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique