L’L | chercher autrement en arts vivants

Circuit-Est is collaborating with L’L | chercher autrement en arts vivants (Bruxelles), and in parallel with two other residencies at Usine C and Espace Libre.


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February 2020
Lorenzo De Angelis + Nina De Angelis


June 2022
Anne Thériault


June 2023
Léa Rault

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Based in Brussels, L'L | recherche autrement en arts vivants supports long-term
long-term research practices, deliberately placed outside the usual production and
production and performance chain. Combining reflective work and stage practice,
research at L'L is a process that extends over several years, with four annual
residencies, spread out over a number of locations thanks to a network of international
international partnerships (with the support of Wallonie-Bruxelles international), during which
supported by grants.

Credit: Léa Rault © Konstantin Lipatov