Louise Bédard Danse is working with two male dancers to take over the work À l’ombre.

This men’s duo was the first that Louise ever created. It was originally danced by Sylvain Émard and Luc Ouellette. In creating this duo, the disparities between strength, tension and slackness were explored while pursuing the desire to expose the vulnerability of the two men. This duo is now back in other bodies and invested with other personalities, but the original intention remains. The two dancers chosen are Louis-Élan Martin and Charles Cardin-Bourbeau.  In the shade is based both on the breath as the engine of activation linked to the visceral and physical dynamism of the body in motion, and on the desire to reveal what is hidden there.

Photo : Sylvain Émard, Luc Ouellette in À l’ombre by Louise Bédard Danse © Robert Etcheverry