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In a living-room, as Jean-Pierre Ronfard and Robert Gravel did with so much freedom in a bygone era, Jérémie Niel invites Catherine Gaudet. And they look at each other in the eyes, face to face.

Fissured by artist’s life marked by the inaccessible, the choreographer and the director look each other in the eyes, seeking a way to name beauty, the cracks, love, chaos… and finally everything they spend their life looking for, from studio to studio, from alley to alley, from room to room.

By Jérémie Niel 
A production by Pétrus in coproduction with Danse-Cité 
Performances at La Chapelle – Scènes contemporaines from 6 to 11, 2021 
Creation and staging : Jérémie Niel 
Choreographies : Catherine Gaudet 
Interpretation : Louise Bédard et Félix-Antoine Boutin

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Photo : Louise Bédard and Félix-Antoine Boutin in Face-à-face by Jérémie Niel © Fabrice Gaëtan