Cultural mediation

Since 2013, Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique has been piloting an annual cultural mediation project. Thus, in recent editions, no less than 130 participants aged 13 to 86 took part in workshops led by eight choreographers. For a wide audience, Circuit-Est has already opened its doors to teenagers, seniors, people who are blind or amblyopic, people with a psychological fragility, but also people who are deaf and hard of hearing.

Danse pour TOI!
2023-2024 cultural mediation project

This cultural mediation project will enable young adults with physical disabilities, whether hearing, speech or mobility impairments, to enjoy an enriching experience with choreographer and street dance teacher Ford Mckeown Larose, from Forward Movements. 

The choreographer
Ford Mckeown Larose

The choreographer and teacher chosen for this project has experience with young people, and is particularly interested in developing different movement alternatives when dealing with limitations. His experience in other cultural mediation projects is also a guarantee that he understands the adaptations he will need to make to the content of his workshops, to make them accessible to these young people while still being sprinkled with small challenges. It's very important for us to take into account each participant's profile and adapt to their needs. Ford will be supported by an assistant with whom he has previously worked and who, like him, is keen to bridge the gap between community, art and culture. Together, they will lead these young people to generate movements that are their own, although inspired by the concepts and principles of the street dances taught.


One of the main aims of this project is to help them develop their self-confidence at this pivotal stage in their lives, between school and working life. Exploring expression through the body; learning concepts linked to a form of dance practice; appropriating a choreographic language as well as the experience of participating in a dance creation are all elements that will reinforce the sense of accomplishment of these young people living with a special condition. This project will also enable them to better appropriate their body's place in space and acquire certain skills, highlighting their potential rather than their limitations.

The project will include :

  • 12 street dance workshops (Hip hop, Popping and Boogaloo) accompanied by a guest musician, a drummer, so that the participants can experience the interdependent relationship between movement and music
  • Over a 12-week period
  • A final public presentation accompanied by a DJ, followed by an exchange with the audience.

Workshop schedule

Having carried out a number of cultural mediation projects, we've come to realize that dance has many benefits, both in terms of mental and physical health. Taking part in these workshops will provide these young people with an additional tool to help them launch their professional lives with greater strength and determination.

The two-hour workshops will take place every week in Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique's Peter-Boneham studio. The project will culminate in a presentation followed by an animation with the public in the Jeanne-Renaud studio on April 27, 2024, as part of International Dance Day activities. This presentation will enable participants to share the fruits of their experience and discuss the creative process and the project's impact on their lives.


A documented activity

To increase the visibility of the activity, it will be documented throughout the process by photos, videos and articles, which will be posted on social media and on Circuit-Est's cultural mediation blog. Participants will also be invited to actively contribute to the blog with short texts, drawings or other documents inspired by their experience.


To discover the blog:

To discover the blog:

Ça danse en MOI !

ÇA danse en MOI!

ÇA danse en MOI!

This project has been made possible thanks to the financial support
of the Government of Quebec and the City of Montreal,
as part of the Entente de développement culturel de Montréal.

Credits: Ford McKeown Larose © Clemence Clara Faure - Cultural mediation Ça danse en MOI! © Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique