Inspired by the initiative of La Maison pour la danse de Québec, the Open lab program seeks to promote research and development of the artistic approach. The four selected projects are those of : Milan GervaisKyana LyneMarie-Maxime Ross et Handy Yacinthe.

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Milan Gervaisfonctionnalitécorpsféminin

« I wonder about the feminine identity that is made and transmitted through the body and language of dance. I want to question the language that I develop, more specifically through a duet of women, in order to put and articulate a sensitive and critical look on what it induces, suggests, namely which ‘feminine’ is it? »

June 7 to 18, 2021 – With Marine Rixhon and Jessica Serli

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Kyana LyneTodas

« I am specifically interested in observing how we, as individual artists in a collaborative environment, can move with a common state of awareness. How we carry our conflict and the ways in which this affects one another…I am curious about the body’s complex vulnerabilities. »

March 8 to 19, 2021 – With Amara Barner, Miranda Chan and Sydney McManus

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Marie-Maxime RossRecherche de collisions

« It was when I felt gusts of wind on my skin, swam through vast stretches of water, saw the sun reflect on the freshly fallen snow that I felt this contact with nature. I would like to recreate this living world through the memories of those moments, those states. »

April 26 to May 7, 2021 – With Étienne De Durocher and Annabelle Fournier

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Handy YacintheOrganic Mechanics

« Organic Mechanics is a method that uses opposite polarities: rigidity and fluidity, control and letting go, robotics and humans. This residency is an opportunity to start a choreographic work that has been calling me for some years. I want to put street dance on stage without distorting it. »

April 5 to 16, 2021 – With Kevin Gohou and Marie-Reine Kabasha

Photos : Jessica Serli and Marine Rixhon © Milan Gervais – Kyana Lyne © Maureen Rouge – Marie-Maxime Ross © Étienne De Durocher – Monstapop © Clément Dietz