November 25, 2017  |  1 pm 
Studio Jeanne-Renaud – EJPP

Danse Carpe diem/Emmanuel Jouthe invites you to a public rehearsal of SUITES PERMÉABLES.

SUITES PERMÉABLES is intended as a basis for questioning intimacy at the limits of its physical expression. In every culture, a certain physical distance is unconsciously established between two people. The interaction is delimited by an invisible boundary, by a personal space that enables us to enter in contact with the world, to breathe it in, exude it, and above all, to sense it. Set in an atypical performance space, this choreographic piece is deeply engaged in bringing audience members outside of their comfort zone, shaking up their expectations and coaxing them into an unexpected encounter with the other, in a hidden dimension.

Limited seating – Please, make your reservation to the following address: 

This presentation will be filmed.

Photos: Nicolas Labelle in SUITES PERMÉABLES by Danse Carpe Diem/Emmanuel Jouthe © Vanessa Forget