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Before making your first reservation, you will need to fill out a form with some personal information.

This questionnaire will allow us to create an account for you and to apply the appropriate rate according to your sector of activity and profile. 

Estimated time: 7 minutes

Reservation Period Access

In order to make our studios more accessible, we have separated the year into two periods.

You can only reserve when the period is open or when you are in the period. 

First reservation period from January 1st to June 30th

Period access starting mid-november

Second reservation period from July 1st to December 31st

Period access starting mid-april

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Our studios

Studio A

9 am. to 10 p.m.

Studio B

9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Studio C

9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Studio Peter-Boneham

9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Reservations must be a minimum of 2 consecutive hours in a studio. Exceptions apply.

It is possible to reserve a slot of two hours or less, provided that it be between two unavailable slots or at the beginning or end of the day before or after another unavailable slot.

Pointe shoes are not permitted in the studios.

Shoes are not permitted in Studio C. For other studios, if your shoes leave marks, we ask that you do not use them. A $75 fee will be charged if these conditions are not met.

In order to avoid damaging the marley flooring, the only tape allowed on is electrical tape. 

All our studios are locked with an access codes. They will be communicated to you in your bill detailing once you've made a reservation. 

You may have access to the building and changing rooms up to 15 minutes before and after your reservation. 

In order to respect other renters, you must access and vacate the studio at the exact time of your reservation.

This is why your reservation slot must include time dedicated to a warmup and/or a cool down. 

In the event that a security alarm is set off by a signal coming from a studio or from the changing room door, a bill of 75$ + tax will be sent to the renter. 

As a leesee, you become responsible for the space. Any lack of respect of the general studio use conditions can lead to a rental refusal. 

It is strictly prohibited to leave the street or dressing room door open. A Circuit-Est employee makes random rounds and a $75 fee will be charged in case of an infraction.

The sound console and furniture can be moved, but must be returned to the wall at the end of the rental period.

Each studio is equipped with 5 chairs. Out of respect for other renters, chairs may not be moved between studios.

Studio Peter-Boneham is available from 9 am to 5 pm, from Monday to Friday.

You can consult the general conditions and the instructions for the studio A, studio B, studio C and Peter-Boneham.

Studio Jeanne-Renaud


The studio Jeanne-Renaud is a laboratory studio available to dance artists for their creative projects.

For information on weekly rates or to make a project proposal, please contact Francine Gagné, C0-General and Artistic Director, at For technical information, please contact Philippe Dupeyroux, Technical Director, at


Frequently asked questions


The site is accessible at all times at the following address:

The registration form allows us to apply the most accurate rate based on your sector of activity and profile.

In order to access your account for the first time, you must validate your email address. An email has been sent to you, please check your junk mail folder.

We've noticed that some users from the dance milieu don't ask for our preferential rates, which they may be eligible for. These dates allow us to apply the Hors Circuit rate.

The validation of your profile is done by our administrator. The processing time can take up to 48 hours.

At any time, you can change your personal information and preferences by going to your account details under My Informations.

The advanced search allows you to target a specific date and time slot. You must fill in all the fields so that the platform can check availability for the entire open period.

The calendar can be viewed by week or by day. It is possible to refine your search according to the studios.

The validation is done automatically, you will receive your validation by email within a few minutes. If you have any doubt, you can contact the administrator at

Your time slot is reserved at the end of the validation process, in order not to block a time slot to the community.

In your personal space, you can access your invoices and track your reservations at any time.

The page loading time can vary depending on your internet connection. However, the time should not go over 3 minutes. 

If you face a technical problem, you can contact To accelerate the process, please read the following steps:

  1. On the page of the 'bug' or problem, do a right click, and select the inspection option. To the right of your screen, a technical section should appear. 
  2. In this section, select the console tab at the top of the menu.
  3. Take a screenshot of the entire page (including the url).


You can consult the applicable rates for studio studio A, studio B, studio C and Peter-Boneham.

Payment by credit card
Interac payment (see Payment policies question)
Bank transfer (see Payment policies question)

Cancellation fees are applicable once you have completed your reservation: 

  • No fee if cancelled with more than 6 weeks notice.
  • 25% of cancelled hours if less than 6 weeks, but more than 2 weeks notice.
  • 50% of hours cancelled with less than 2 weeks notice.

In the event of an alarm triggered by a signal from the studio or locker room doors, a fee of $75 will be charged to the renter.

It is strictly forbidden to leave the street or locker doors open at any time. A Circuit-Est employee makes random visits, and a $75 fee will be charged for any violation. 

Shoes are not permitted in Studio C. For other studios, if your shoes leave marks, we ask that you do not use them. A $75 fee will be charged if these conditions are not met.

If the terms and conditions of use of the studios are not respected, your payment history is deficient or any other reason that Circuit-Est deems relevant, your account may be revoked. You will be notified by email of this decision. At any time, you can contact our administrator at for more information.

If you are a new user of our studios, you will only have access to the credit card payment option. After your 3rd invoice, you will be able to make payments via interac or bank transfer.

At all times, we reserve the right to offer you only the credit card payment option. This decision will be made based on the studios' terms and conditions, your payment history or any other reason Circuit-Est deems relevant.



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