CROSS-RESIDENCIES Québec | Colombie-Britannique

Once again this year, we're delighted to present the Résidences croisées Québec | Colombie-Britannique. These exchanges provide a unique opportunity for dance artists to work on their projects in two vibrant cities of the artistic scene: Montréal and Vancouver.


In partnership with Circuit-Est Centre Chorégraphique in Montreal and The Dance Centre in Vancouver, these residencies offer valuable studio time to explore, create, and enrich your practice while building connections with the local artistic community.

The residencies will take place from January 20 to 31, 2025.

Call for projects: from May 2 to July 2, 2024, at 5 p.m.


A creative space 

The dance artist from Québec will travel to Vancouver to The Dance Centre. It will open its doors and provide a stimulating environment to continue your choreographic explorations.


For the Quebec artist, this residency includes a fee of $1,600, air travel, accommodation and a per diem.

Résidences croisées Québec | Colombie-Britannique
are hosted by Circuit-Est Centre Chorégraphique in Montréal and The Dance Centre in Vancouver.


The artists who will benefit from our new Quebec-British Columbia cross-residencies for the coming season are :

Natsumi Sophia Bellali (QC)

Sarah Hin Ching U (BC)


Credits: Résidence internationale Potsdam, Mirjam Sögner and Sandra Blatterer 2017 Ⓒ Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique | Maria Kefirova, in residency, 2018 Ⓒ Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique | Vidéo En résidence, Maria Kefirova, 2020 Ⓒ Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique | Natsumi Sophia Bellali © Sarah Johnston - Sarah Hin Ching U © Laura Zeke