With Cosmic Love, Clara Furey revolves around intuitive and poetic representations of physical phenomena, aiming for a heightened awareness of the senses. In a stripped-down performance space where all forms of communication become possible, the five performers move and pave the way for a participation-driven world, infused with synchronicity, where different forms of energy are shared.

With this work the choreographer, who considers art as a means of linking different entities around a spirituality that is free from dogmas, sets out to create links between mediums, beings and senses.

Depth must be hidden. Where? On the surface.
- Hugo von Hofmannsthal.

Cosmic Love
December 6 - 16, 2017
Danse Danse


Photo: Clara Furey, Winnie Ho © Francis Ducharme - Mathieu Verrault (graphic design)



In front of us, a single person moves forward. She walks on a raised platform, a treadmill moving at different speeds under her footsteps. She walks, runs, strolls, escapes, crawls, rages. Like the laboratory rat who scrambles in a stationery wheel, she artificially passes through the statements and situations which define us as human beings. Running piece observes the irony which characterizes our contemporary age. It has us running constantly to catch our breath but also helps us to push our limits.  

Photo: Claudine Hébert © Xavier Curnillon



Anne Thériault is pursuing her choreographic research to exalt bodies’ cinematography, stimulate senses and capture other’s imagination. With her research project Récital, initiated in 2015, she establishes choreographic, sound and visual conditions for three woman and three theremins, electronic musical instruments activated by the bodies’ proximity.



Danse ta vie is the fourth part of a portrait series which explores the thin lines between biography and fiction. It is a portrait of the technical class taught by contemporary dancer Marc Boivin which will be performed by 12 dancers and one musician. This research offers an access to the dancer’s movements and virtuosity in a learning situation, exploring a daily and personal territory.

Photo: © Dominique Bouchard


Children of chemistry challenges the mechanisms of the masculin gender’s social construction through popular culture and the sports world. By offering a refreshing and playful choreographic universe, Sebastien Provencher tackles masculinity and virility to rethink our conception of gender in public and scenic spaces.

Children of Chemistry
November 16 – 19, 2017

Photo: Miguel Anguiano, Jossua Collin Dufour © Justine Latour


Ghostbox is a dance piece, a super 8 video installation and a luminous space. Choreographed and performed by Eryn Tempest and Camille Lacelle-Wilsey, this piece explores the topics of appearance, disappearance and suspense in a shadowy universe inspired by movie, photography and the darkroom.



There is a kind of human for whom rise to power becomes an irrational quest. No matter the obstacles to overcome and those who will endure their harmful effects, this man will reach the top to be in full possession of its domination. In TITANOMACHIE, Louis-Élyan Martin traces this insatiable path with a raw, instinctive and binding movement, with Promotheus’ myth as a background.

Photo: Louis-Elyan Martin © Svetla Atanasova



For her new solo piece, Habiter sa mémoire 2, choreographer and dancer Caroline Laurin-Beaucage comes out of the studio and allows the public to discover her creative process in real time. For four uninterrupted hours, positioned inside a 12×12 foot box without walls, she plunges into the heart of her trajectory as a performer, striving to bring all of her body’s dance memories back to the surface. Sensors capture data on Caroline’s physical state and the surroundings atmosphere, and these are retransmitted live during the performance. Throughout the day, spectactors are invited to gather around the box as privileged witnesses of a work in continual development under the effects of time and the environment.

Photo: Caroline Laurin-Beaucage © Caroline Désilets



(from the Guarani language: women)
This project explores women’s perception of themselves and within society. Bettina is precisely interested in the phenomenon of Internalized Misogyny: women’s perpetuation of the western misogynistic and heteronormative discourse. For this exploration, she will be working with Rosie Contant, Kim Henri, Catherine Dagenais-Savard and Élise Bergeron, under mentorship of Angélique Willkie.

Photo: Catherine Dagenais-Savard, Pierre-Alexandre Savard © JayTse 



Three dancers are invited to have complimentary access to all our activities. This year, our ten member companies offered a support for advanced training to Marilyne Cyr while Circuit-Est gave one to Charles Brecard and Chloé Ouellet-Payeur.

Photos : Charles Brécard © Olivia Nguyen - Chloé Ouellet-Payeur © Julie Artacho - Marilyne Cyr © Michael Slobodian


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Photo: Louis-Elyan Martin © Svetla Atanasova