Laboratoire Popmolleis a collaborative project, initiated by Espace Cercle Carré, which ‟provoked” an artistic meeting between the Alt-Shift dance collective and the experimental collective of digital artists Popcore. Following this first collaborative effort combining digital arts and contemporary dance, the Laboratoire Popmolleproject is continuing its development.

Photo : Marine Rixhon, Laboratoire Popmolle © Anne-Flore de Rochambeau


In this new creation, Andrew Turner explores the seemingly stable ‟I” as a collection of odd, non-logical, truncated fictions. These fragmented strains of narrative percolate just beneath the surface of the self. With a physicality at times surgingly fluid, at times deeply dis-coordinated; Andrew Turner seeks to probe the parts of us that show up, unannounced and uninvited, despite our best efforts.

Photo : © Julie Artacho



Lay Hold to the Softest Throat is an interdisciplinary project which seeks to explore through a contemporary dance process, an aesthetic relationship between vocal composition, and choreographic structure. This work will focus on drawing connection between non-essentialist ideas of Holy-ness, femininity, and physical discipline. The final production will premiere at La Chapelle Scènes Contemporaines in Fall-Winter 2021-2022.

Photo : © Christopher Willes


LA PROBABILITÉ DU NÉANT explores the physical impact that the “Bystander Effect” can have on the body. By creating fictitious situations in which the dancers take on roles of witness, victim and author, the objective is to see how they are affected through their walk, their look, the mannerism.

Photo : © Don Lee


Cantos para los insaciables  is a ritualistic solo, a quest for lost fragments, a yearning to once again reach the cosmic orgasm. Alejandro wants to link peak experience with feelings of insatiability that finds solace in addiction. Ancestral conditioning is released as he de-identifies his body from its memory. Through total movement, his shadow dances its way back into consciousness to unveil the ultimate self-deception: the insatiability of the seeker.

Cantos para los insaciables | Tangente | November 14 to 17, 2019

Photo : © Nick Bostick


Prioritizing heartfeltness and intimacy, Lucy M. May’s choreographic work tends to the porousness of collaboration and the ecologies of performance spaces. Investigating bi-directional triggers between emotion and gesture, while in residence, she will deepen these methodologies with invited guest freestylers from both contemporary and street dance styles, training with them to deliver emotional states through text and movement.


softie-feelies is a love letter to ourselves and to all the quiet sounds that we don’t always hear our bodies make; it is an invocation of spirit, a rendering squishy of the flesh and viscera, a practice of gentleness and calm. Above all it is a pursuit of euphoria and magical togetherness bolstered by a deep dive into sensation and imagination.

Photo :  © Andrés Castillo


Mentors : Priscilla Guy et Emmanuel Jouthe

In this multidisciplinary work, Audrée Papineau-Chartrand brings together on stage and on screen two fallen characters. In the narrative development of the choreography, Marie-Michelle Darveau and Audrée Papineau-Chartrand will evolve from a distinctive gesture to a certain conformity. Where do energetic impulses emerge and how can the suppression of a state of excitement or tension cause the body to restore equilibrium?

Photo : © MaeBlak Photography


This year, Circuit-Est offers to Vicky Gélineau and Matéo Chauchat a support for advanced training, while our member companies give one to Misheel Ganbold. These three performers have the opportunity to participate for free in all the masters classes and workshops 2019-2020. In parallel, Claire Campbell and Geneviève Robitaille will be able to take part for free in their “coup de coeur”: a week of classes or workshops, selected in the programming of this season.

Photos: Vicky Gélineau © Marie-Ève Dion / Matéo Chauchat © Julie Artacho / Misheel Ganbold © Françoise Gonzalez


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Photo : Claudia Chan Tak © Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique