October 15 – 19, 2018 | 10 am – 12 pm 

Movement Archery
The class Movement Archery is developed in three parts. A warm-up routine with postures and circular motions inspired by concepts of yoga will prepare and connect different body parts. Then floor work will enable the exploration of simple actions alongside acrobatic risks inspired by Capoeira, Taekwondo, Parkour and Breakdance, amongst others. Finally, the Archery practice will involve the development of both circular and sharp reactions, which will lead to high levels of awareness and a fluent “tactical” mind through different forms of “games”.


Tom Weksler started training in martial arts and different forms of acrobatic disciplines from a young age. In 2009, he graduated from The Workshop For Dancers and Choreographers in Haifa. Since 2010, he has been dancing with Inbal Pinto & Avshalom Pollak Dance Company and with Rootlessroot. As a choreographer, he created the duets SARU and Heder, which are both currently touring the world. He also teaches around Europe, in the United States and in Japan.


En aparté, lunch talk with Tom Weksler: October 18, 2018 – 12:15 pm


October 15 – 19, 2018 | 10 am – 12 pm
$8 /class | Studio Peter-Boneham 

With the financial support of Emploi-Québec and in collaboration with L’Artère, développement et perfectionnement en danse contemporaine
[To access this rate, the participants have to be Canadian citizens or permanent residents in Canada and currently residing in Québec.]

REGISTRATION: | 514 525-1569



Photo: Tom Weksler, Roser Tutusaus © Aviad Oren