Artistic project

An original organizational model founded upon the willingness and the commitment of its members, Circuit-Est creates favourable conditions for dialogue and exchanges between and with its members. From this emerges a common purpose and a mutual enrichment, which shapes and distinguishes the artistic project of Circuit-Est.

This artistic project relies on the premise that dance artists must have access to resources to develop their art. By prioritizing the accessibility to its studios as well as high quality standards, and by renewing its contact with various artistic movements and practices, Circuit-Est enables artists to perfect their art, to develop themselves, to improve, to explore and to create.

Circuit-Est’s artistic project also seeks to ensure that artists reach their full potential and may, in this respect, learn from different career paths, different contexts and different cultures. By being open to the world, Circuit-Est provides opportunities for many encounters, which contribute to the development and the creativity of artists as well as to the positioning of the Québec dance community as a major actor in advancement and disciplinary innovation. A Montreal institution, Circuit-Est plays, through the realization of its artistic project, a vital role in making people discover the lesser-know facts of the creative process and the many professions related to this art form. Conscious of the importance of taking concrete actions to preserve Québec’s choreographic heritage, Circuit-Est takes actions to enrich the collective memory of Québec’s professional dance community.



Credits: 01. Lucy May © Circuit-Est | 02. Maria Kefirova © Circuit-Est | 03. Marylin Daoust © Pascal Orifère | 04. Manuel Roque © Circuit-Est | 05. Mirjam Sögner © Circuit-Est