Danse Carpe Diem/Emmanuel Jouthe

Artistic Director: Emmanuel Jouthe
Member since: 2004

Emmanuel Jouthe is a choreographer and artistic director of the company Danse Carpe Diem/Emmanuel Jouthe. For 20 years now, he has realized more than fifteen pieces that come to feed his repertoire. In search of a relationship of sincere closeness between the spectator and the dance, it encourages exploration and creation by questioning the body and movement through scenic territories and diverse artistic relations as well as through concepts such as the Other, Beauty and Authenticity. In addition to ÉCOUTE POUR VOIR, a project created in 2008, his repertoire includes STACCATO RIVIÈRE (2007) and WHEN WE WERE OLD (2013), a trio and duo in which he danced, as well as CINQ HUMEURS (2010) and SUITES PERMÉABLES (2017), group works. After having created in 2018 the duo RIGEL & BETELGEUSE, addressed to the public outdoors, it is currently in creation with a piece for 4 artists in orbit around the self and the notion of myth.


International collaboration

February 22 to 27, 2020 | Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique | Montréal
April 14 to 19, 2020 | Festival Blok-Bloc | Anvers [Belgium]

Photo : Élise Bergeron and James Phillips © Mathieu Doyon