Louise Bédard Danse

Artistic Director: Louise Bédard
Member since: 1987 [founding member]

Initially acclaimed for her exceptional sense of dance movement and powerful simplicity as a performer, Louise Bédard later turned her attention to choreography. In 1987 she co-founded Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique and in 1990 founded her own company, Louise Bédard Danse, which focuses on creation, artistic heritage transmission and access to arts, notably through its commitments to cultural mediation.

Louise Bédard has created more than 30 dance pieces for her company as well as 15 commissions for other groups and artists. Louise creates and presents her works as structures in successive layers that render her imagination in its fullest expression. Urban spaces, non-conventional performance venues, visual arts, quotidian objects are often at the heart of her dance creations. The dimension and interactions between different generations of dancers are also integral to her work as in her last show La Démarquise, with five powerful female dancers and the reprise of Cartes postales de Chimère. Winner of numerous awards and nominated for the 31st Grand Prix du Conseil des arts de Montréal in 2016, Louise Bédard Danse works constantly to innovate ways of creating and thinking about contemporary dance.

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Photo: Louise Bédard © Angelo Barsetti