Sylvain Émard Danse
Artistic Director: Sylvain Émard
Member since: 1987 [founding member]

Prolific and internationally respected artist, Sylvain Émard created his own dance company Sylvain Émard Danse in 1990. From his first solo piece Ozone, Ozone (1987) to his most recent work Ce n’est pas la fin du monde (2013), he has been exploring the territory of human nature through the force and strength of the body. More recently, Sylvain Émard returned on stage after a 15-year absence to perform his new solo Le chant des sirènes (2017). His repertoire now includes over thirty original pieces that have had a resounding impact all over the world. The original concept of Le Grand Continental®, created in 2009 for the Festival TransAmériques has since been presented in Canada, in the US, in Mexico, in Korea, in New Zealand and in Chile. Sylvain Émard joined forces with Robert Lepage to work on the opera 1984 (2005) by Lorin Maazel, presented namely at Covent Garden in London and at La Scala in Milan. Sylvain Émard is winner of numerous prestigious awards, such as the Jean A. Chalmers Award for Great Choreographic Distinction (1996). In 2011, he was named Personality of the week by La Presse/Radio-Canada for the concept Le Grand Continental®.



July 2018 | Residency at the Centro de Producción de Danza Contemporánea (CEPRODAC) | Mexico City [Mexico]



Le Grand Continental [2009]
May 26 and 27, 2018 | Potsdamer Tanztage | Potsdam [Germany]
June 22 to 24, 2018 | Luminato | Toronto [Canada]
June 5, 2020 | Festspielhaus St. Pöelten | St. Pölten [Austria]

Le Super Grand Continental [2018]
Septembre 8 and 9, 2018 | Fringe Festival | Philadelphia [USA]

Le chant des sirènes [2017]

March 22,2019 | Schimmel Center | New-York [USA]
April 3, 2019 | Salle de spectacles de Gaspé | Gaspé [Québec]
April 6, 2019 | Maison de la culture Pointe-aux-Trembles, Conseil des Arts de Montréal on tour | Montréal [Québec]
April 9, 2019 | Maison de la culture de Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, Conseil des Arts de Montréal on tour | Montréal [Québec]
April 11, 2019 | Salle de spectacles l’Entrepôt | Lachine [Québec]
April 17, 2019 | Théâtre Gilles-Vigneault | Saint-Jérôme [Québec]
April 25, 2019 | Maison de la culture Claude-Léveillée, Conseil des Arts de Montréal on tour | Montréal [Québec]


November 2018 | Sylvain Émard won the International Collaboration Award together with the Festival Internacional Santiago a Mil(Chile) and Potsdamer Tanztage (Germany) for the recreation of Le Grand Continental.

Photo: Sylvain Émard in Le chant des sirènes © LePetitRusse