Comprising many generations of creators, Circuit-Est members are involved in their work and in the dance milieu on a local, national, and international scale. They contribute to the development of contemporary dance, all the while adding to Circuit-Est's vitality and dynamism. As members, they are part of a unique artistic and organizational research and exploration centre open to the whole community, whose mission is to support choreographic creation in a radically changing socio-economic context. In return for their financial contribution and involvement in the management of the choreographic centre, they benefit from a constructive and stimulating working environment, one that favours collaboration and solidarity, as well as the exchange of knowledge and expertise.


Become a member 

Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique seeks to diversify its members and
is looking for a choreographer eager to join its ranks.

Over the years, Circuit-Est has welcomed 22 members. The organization currently has nine members. Two founders: Louise Bédard Danse and Sylvain Émard Danse and the other six, in order of arrival, are: Le Carré des Lombes (1989), maribé – sors de ce corps/Marie Béland (2009), Frédérick Gravel (2009), MAYDAY (2012), Compagnie Catherine Gaudet (2018), Compagnie Ebnflōh (2022) and Caroline Laurin-Beaucage (2023). Circuit-Est’s members are at the heart of its operation.

Our members

are engaged in their artistic practice and in the world of dance.

are part of a unique focus of artistic and organizational exploration and research, open to the community and aimed to support the creation.

benefit from a constructive and stimulating work environment that promotes the collaboration, solidarity, and the exchange of knowledge and expertise.

Circuit-Est members have certain responsibilities, including paying a monthly fee, taking part in the activities of the Artistic Committee, and being involved on the Board of Directors and with the collective in order to contribute to the dynamism of the choreographic centre. In return, they benefit from a preferential rate for the studios rental and a priority in the development of biennial calendars of reservations.

Process and selection criteria

The artistic committee, made up of all members of Circuit-Est and the Executive and Artistic direction, is open and interested in welcoming diverse profiles, while taking into account the conditions of practice that it is possible to offer in its places and the complementarity of practices with other members. 

Certain criteria will be taken into account when accepting a new member:

  • culture of sharing and solidarity;
  • commitment to discipline and the dance  environment;
  • strong interest in dance research;
  • potential for emulation.

Credits: Louise Bédard © Marilyn Daoust –  Sylvain Émard © Camille Gladu Drouin –  Danièle Desnoyers © Isabel Rancier –  Marie Béland © Jean-François Brière –  Frédérick Gravel © Brianna Lombardo –  Mélanie Demers © Julie Artacho –  Catherine Gaudet © Julie Artacho Alexandra 'Spicey' Landé © Shaleen Ladha - Caroline Laurin-Beaucage © Alex Tran