More than ever, Circuit-Est is keen to show its solidarity with artists in the dance milieu who are greatly impacted by the pandemic.

It is important for us to contribute not only to the emergence of new talents, but to their development and their full expression.

We believe it is essential to provide them with the best possible support during this period, which hampers their professional development and even jeopardizes their careers. Your donation will allow us to give them more studio time to pursue their research and creation and to get paid for doing so.

Despite the fact that they cannot perform on stage, it is essential that their creativity continues to be expressed.

« Technical residencies for dance are very rare in Montréal but they are necessary for the realization of projects. Circuit-Est meets this need in an irreproachable manner, demonstrating professionalism, sensitivity and flexibility with regard to the project. Thank you very much for this opportunity. » 

Émile Pineault, choreographer

Please help us help them.


Francine Gagné
Executive and Artistic Director